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Where to start - As a homeowner, it can be difficult to know what part to tackle first. Let us help you make a solid plan to reclaim your outdoor spaces.



& Pricing

You have dreams- and questions! We have experience.  Together, we can make a plan.



What are all the possibilities that can be achieved on your property?



What should your priorities be when landscaping your property?



What is an adequate budget to achieve the landscape that you envision?


Your Right Plan

Your relationship with us paves the way forward. This process is driven by open, regular input from both sides.

Expect a tailored, back-and-forth conversation that steadily uncovers the right plan for you and your landscape.


Full Property Design $1,400- 4,000+

Front or Rear Yard Design $900- 2,500+

Planting Bed Design $300- 1,200+
*Pricing is subject to size and complexity of project

Elements to Consider For Your Yard

Not sure where to start? Our budget pricing resources make it easy!

Interlocking Pavers

Add some long lasting class to your driveway and entry with properly laid pavers. Or, use them in the backyard to create clean borders or patio areas.


400 - 600 sq./ft.
$12,000 - $15,000

This allows for a generous patio with room for dining, lounge, and walkway areas.

Pricing per sq./ft. at this scale is typically $25-30.


200 - 300 sq./ft.
$8,000 - $12,000

A smaller rear yard patio.  

Pricing per sq./ft. at this scale is typically $40.


800 - 1,600 sq./ft.
$15,000 - $30,000

This often reflects a full property, including a generous rear patio, front and side walkways, etc.

Pricing per sq./ft. at this scale is typically $15-20.

*Retaining walls are often required for patio construction.

*Don’t forget plantings! Adding some plant material often makes all the difference in turning a functional patio area into a comfortable outdoor living space.


Decks are a great way to create outdoor living space close to your indoor living spaces. We work with wood and composite materials, to fit your space with precision.


200 - 300 sq./ft.
$13,000 - $16,000

This typically allows for a dining area, a bbq area, some circulation space and simple steps.

Pricing per sq./ft. at this scale is typically $35-45.


< 200 sq./ft.
$5,000 - $12,000

This size can cover smaller projects from a set of steps or a landing to a small deck.

Pricing per sq./ft. at this scale is typically $50-100


400 - 700 sq./ft.
$20,000 - $30,000

This allows for multiple outdoor ‘rooms’, often with more extensive steps included.

Pricing per sq./ft. at this scale is typically $35-45.

*Railings are often required for safety. Privacy may also be needed- deck construction often raises sight lines over fence height.

*Consider adding some lighting- this can be vital for safe access during the shorter days.

& Overlays

Our on-staff craftsman love creating one-of-a-kind artworks of stone. Done right, flagstone lasts for years and gives character and weight to any yard design.

We can take a simple concrete porch to the next level with natural flagstone or precast concrete overlay products.  Our pricing includes the coping around the edges, some vertical ‘fascia’ under the coping, and installation of flagstone paving.


$45-55 sq./ft.

We often use a square cut natural flagstone, available in a variety of colours and styles.


UP TO $65 sq./ft.

The use of specialty products, or an especially small or challenging project can bring up the price to this range.


Carve out usable space in your yard with a properly installed retaining wall. Built with care, these can last for many years and help with water control.

The need for retaining walls is often overlooked- yards that seem to be roughly level often need some retaining features. Walls- retaining and freestanding- also add visual weight to a landscape, helping to bring architectural forms into the yard and garden.


40-400 sq./ft. wall face
$5,000 - $40,000

Precast concrete wall systems are available in a wide range of styles, colours, and textures. We typically build these where hard surfaces like patios, paths, and driveways are built on or near a slope.

Walls built with natural armour stone are generally in this price range as well-pricing often works out to $90-130 per sq./ft. at this scale.


200-2,000 sq./ft. wall face
$15,000 - $150,000

Some wall systems require heavy equipment for construction. These have a more utilitarian look, and are more practical for larger walls.

Pricing for this kind of system is typically $50-70 per sq./ft.

*Installation of steps can range from $500-1,200 per step, depending on material, access, etc.

*You can calculate the square footage of wall face needed by multiplying the total length by the total height.

*Integrated lighting is a great way to highlight walls, and is often essential for safe access around steps.

*Plant material helps to soften features like walls- see Budget Pricing.


Pergolas can offer practical benefits of shade and rain protection, and also give that balance of shelter and view that is key for making outdoor spaces feel comfortable!


$12,000 - $20,000

Rough-cut Douglas fir timbers are a great choice for a sturdy overhead structure. This includes 6×6 posts set in concrete footings, beams and rafters.

Popular options include retractable awnings building with dimensioned pressure treated or cedar lumber allows more flexibility with decorative details. This often works best with smaller structures in particular.


$4,000 - $8,000

There are a variety of kits available that offer the same benefits of a custom pergola at a fraction of the cost.

Popular kit options include metal gazebos with hard tops, and bracket systems for dimensional lumber.

& Pavilions


Higher-end structures often integrate stonework, a solid root and/or electrical. Outdoor kitchens and fire features are popular additions.

Can be wood or aluminum construction.

*Consider adding some lighting.

*Privacy screens, decorative panels, and shade sails are common options.


Keep the kids, dogs and neighbours all in check and safe with an attractive fence around the yard or pool. We build wood fences with a variety of materials and styles. See below for some popular choices.


$85-120 per. linear foot.

Standard Privacy Fence with Pressure Treated Lumber. 6′ tall and built with 6×6 posts, this is a sturdy, classic build with 2×6 lumber to frame the panels and vertical fence boards pricing depends on project size, accessibility, materials and complexity.


$110-130 per. linear foot.

Contemporary Cedar Linear Fencing ages gracefully and tends to resist warping, making it an ideal fencing material. Horizontal boards give a sharp,  contemporary look. Pricing depends on project size, accessibility, materials and complexity.

*You’ll likely need a gate or two for access. You can expect a cost of $500-800 per gate

*Be sure to have a conversation with your neighbour about any work on a property line.


Landscape plantings open up a world of amazing textures, shapes, and colours that you can bring home.


300 - 500 sq./ft.
$3,500 - $7,500

At this scale, we are often disposing of or working around some existing plants, and installing higher-impact and higher-detail plantings.

Pricing per sq./ft. at this scale is typically $15-20.


1,000 - 5,000 sq./ft.
$5,000 - $40,000

This reflects large-scale bed areas, with larger-scale plantings.

Pricing per sq./ft. at this scale is typically $5-8.

*We offer design services to fit a range of scale and complexity- check out our design pricing sheet!

*Weed management is critical in the early years of a new planting- Ask us for a quote on bed maintenance if you think it unlikely that you’ll be doing this yourself.

& Sod

Everyone loves a beautiful lawn! We have the experience to set you up right for the long term.

Our pricing generally includes stripping and disposal of some existing sod, fine-tuning of the grading with imported topsoil, installation of sod and a first watering.


1,000 - 4,000 sq./ft.
$3,000 - $8,000

This generally involves some bulk disposal of existing sod and soil.

Pricing per sq./ft. at this scale is typically $1.50-3.


7,000 - 20,000 sq./ft.
$7,000 - $20,000

Less disposal is typically needed on larger scale projects, access is better, and our crews can work more efficiently at a larger scale.

Pricing per sq./ft. at this scale is typically $1-2.

*Remember that new sod is just a cosmetic change by itself- a healthy lawn needs lots of water to establish-and usually needs a thoughtful lawn care program and/or an irrigation system to stay healthy in the long run.

*Grading in compliance to a grading plan involves significantly more work and cost.


Landscape lighting not only allows safe access, but really brings your landscape to life.


$2,500 - $5,000

A lighting package this size generally includes some accent lights and path lights, and often some built-in step lights.

Pricing often works out to $250- 375 per fixture at this scale.


$5,000 - $10,000

A larger package can cover the needs for your full property, and can turn your home and landscape into a real showpiece.

You can expect pricing to be about $200- 275 per fixture at this scale.

*We offer design services to fit a range of scale and complexity- check out our design pricing sheet!


The sights and sounds of running water add a whole new dimension to your outdoor living areas.


$5,000 - $6,000

A variety of features are available- urns, bowls, columns, etc. The feature rests on top of a hidden water reservoir with a submersible pump.


$9,000 - $15,000

This style involves a stream bed which would be built into a sloped area of your property. A spillway at the top sends water flowing over a series of accent rocks and pebbles to a hidden reservoir with submersible pump. These can be customized in endless ways!

*Water feature installation is usually done along with garden bed renovations, or as part of a full landscape transformation- water features can be integrated into retaining walls for a great custom look.

*There may be an extra fee required to have an electrician run power to the pump unit

*A few carefully placed accent lights will bring your feature alive in the dark as well!


A fire feature provides a natural gathering place, and can help extend the length of your patio season into the colder months.


$4,000 - $10,000

This includes either a fire table or fire bowl feature. These can either have a natural gas hookup or can incorporate a propane tank, and can feature push-button or match-lit ignition with brass burners.

with Gas

$10,000 - $15,000

This includes a precast wall system with natural stone coping, brass burners with gas hookup and push button ignition, and decorative media/pebbles.


$9,000 - $15,000

This can range from a simple precast concrete kit with a steel insert to a large fire pit area with built in seating.

*Be aware of local bylaws about open air fires in your neighbourhood before building a fire feature. Having a quick conversation with your neighbours to hear their perspective is usually a good idea.


Do you provide free consultations and quotes?

The way we see it, quotes and consultations are things that we invest in together with you. We don’t sell ‘off the shelf’ products or services, so there is always a real time commitment involved in offering these things. We can invest our time in your project when we see that you are invested in it.

Can you give me a quote based on my own sketches?

We’d be glad to help you out with some budget pricing to get you started.

We’ll be able to work out a detailed, formal quote once we have a detailed plan in place. That would come after a few conversations and a meeting on site together. Depending on what’s involved, this could take a few days or a few months.

I already have a design- and a quote from another contractor actually. Is that okay?

Not a problem! As long as you intend to hire a pro, and commit to being open and honest with us, we’d be glad to work out a quote for you, and help you make a decision.

Do I really need to hire a professional?

Hiring a contractor is a lot different than buying most other products and services- each project is different and there are always unknowns involved. For this reason, experience is everything!

Professional landscape contractors are experienced, understand and follow industry standards, and have a solid reputation. They are also expensive. For some very small or simple projects, you might decide that the value isn’t there.

If you’re not sure about which contractor to hire for your project, don’t rush things! Take your time- get a few quotes and get comfortable with your project.

Could I get a lower price from a different contractor?

Yes, always. But we should point out- the lowest price usually doesn’t mean the best value.
We work as efficiently as we can so we can be competitive with other pros in our region. When we find  contractors who do certain types of landscape work better than we can, we team up with them.

We know what resources are needed to build a landscape that both you and us will be proud of for many years. It comes with a higher cost than you may want to hear, but it’s worth it.

What is unique about Dicam?

Our core values are speak, smile, and serve. You’ll find that these values run deep here. Folks are always impressed that we are easy to talk to and have such care for our craft.

What are other people saying about Dicam?

If you haven’t had the chance to chat with one of our past clients, start with taking a look at our online reviews. You’ll find most of our recent feedback in our Google reviews.

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