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Show off your property to its full potential with our commercial property maintenance services.

Our staff is trained in-house, they are properly equipped, cheerful, fully uniformed, and career-oriented.



We currently maintain over 75 corporations with a retention rate of 97% over the last 5 years and pride ourselves on excellent customer satisfaction.

Our Commercial
Maintenance Services


Increase your curb appeal with a fresh garden design and installation, including annuals, perennials, trees and sod.


Our dedicated and mature garden crew is on call to keep your property looking healthy, fresh and weed free.


Nothing tidies up a property better than a freshly cut and trimmed lawn. Our well-maintained lawn equipment gets the job done with minimal fuss and time.


That perfect green carpet can be tricky to achieve. We know when to fertilize and when to apply the grub treatment to get the most out of your lawn. If things have gone too far, we also offer lawn stripping and re-sodding services.


Safety is top of mind when talking about tree care. We have the training and experience to get it done right so your canopy can flourish.


Access can get tricky in the winter. Make sure your clients are well cared for with our snow and ice removal contracts.


Usable outdoor spaces add a significant value to properties. We can help lift and relay an old patio to make it safe and inviting or we can also install new designs.


Prevent unwanted water from flooding your property with an expertly installed and graded drainage system.


Do you provide free consultations and quotes?

The way we see it, quotes and consultations are things that we invest in together with you. We don’t sell ‘off the shelf’ products or services, so there is always a real time commitment involved in offering these things. We can invest our time in your project when we see that you are invested in it.

Can you give me a quote based on my own sketches?

We’d be glad to help you out with some budget pricing to get you started.

We’ll be able to work out a detailed, formal quote once we have a detailed plan in place. That would come after a few conversations and a meeting on site together. Depending on what’s involved, this could take a few days or a few months.

I already have a design- and a quote from another contractor actually. Is that okay?

Not a problem! As long as you intend to hire a pro, and commit to being open and honest with us, we’d be glad to work out a quote for you, and help you make a decision.

Do I really need to hire a professional?

Hiring a contractor is a lot different than buying most other products and services- each project is different and there are always unknowns involved. For this reason, experience is everything!

Professional landscape contractors are experienced, understand and follow industry standards, and have a solid reputation. They are also expensive. For some very small or simple projects, you might decide that the value isn’t there.

If you’re not sure about which contractor to hire for your project, don’t rush things! Take your time- get a few quotes and get comfortable with your project.

Could I get a lower price from a different contractor?

Yes, always. But we should point out- the lowest price usually doesn’t mean the best value.
We work as efficiently as we can so we can be competitive with other pros in our region. When we find  contractors who do certain types of landscape work better than we can, we team up with them.

We know what resources are needed to build a landscape that both you and us will be proud of for many years. It comes with a higher cost than you may want to hear, but it’s worth it.

What is unique about Dicam?

Our core values are speak, smile, and serve. You’ll find that these values run deep here. Folks are always impressed that we are easy to talk to and have such care for our craft.

What are other people saying about Dicam?

If you haven’t had the chance to chat with one of our past clients, start with taking a look at our online reviews. You’ll find most of our recent feedback in our Google reviews.

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